Do CRMs improve
sales effectiveness?

Almost all organisations buying CRMs to improve sales effectiveness are always unfortunately wrong.

Why CRMs fail?

CRMs the so called “Sales Software” were never designed for its actual users – “the salespeople”.

CRMs are just a database of customers. Everything else you’ve heard is just a propaganda!

CRMs were designed assuming that salespeople know what to do, whom to be targeted, how and when to act upon a deal. And they also assumed that sales people would just “log their activities” into the CRM after their work.
By having a “central database of sales and customers” sales managers hoped to get a feeling of control and leadership would get the reports they need.

And so the end results of most of the CRM implementation are

Lack of adoption by salespeople

Inaccurate sales forecasts

Unhealthy pipeline and low win rates

CRMs are just a database of customers. Everything else you've heard is just a propaganda!

Sales people are not stupid. They realize managers need data in CRM. But what is in it for them?

These are the 5 reasons why sales people don’t adopt CRMs.

Salespeople are not data entry clerks, but communicators who win customer minds

Not designed for salespeople to be better salespeople

No CRMs help salespeople with next step suggestions to close a deal

CRMs are made to manage sales people and not help them

Salespeople use Email and telephony without getting forced, so has to be CRMs

That is why we built

We tried four CRMs in our previous startup and eventually failed to get adopted by our team and ended up looking at blank reports from the CRMs. We realized all the old school CRMs are designed wrong from the core. So we took the bottom-top, mobile first, GenY approach to build this Sales 3.0 system.
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That is why we built
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