CaseStudy ECSfin – From Salesforce to

 Casestudy on how helped ECSfin to transform their sales process and skyrocket the revenue based on interviews with Jasline Joy & Sudhir S from ECSFin.


We've been using Salesforce CRM as our CRM. Our sales team is distributed across multiple countries like US, India, Malaysia and a few other MENA countries. Only our US team was using Salesforce but that too was not implemented properly as it was not optimised for our sales process. We wanted a simple and followup focused solution but customising Salesforce was high cost centric approach. Only half of the team was using Salesforce that too as just a database of customers.

Why you decided to go ahead with for your team?

After seeing with their telephony and email followup features, we understood it was the right tool for us. Because it had minimal learning curve and deep level prospecting abilities.

Being a FinTech solution for Banks we had to approach all the banks across the globe as part of prospecting. With larger sales cycles and bigger ticket sizes, strategy for each prospect and customer was important for us. With automated conversation history SalesX helped us in understanding the context before each followups.

And the team behind SalesX was really passionate about the product and sales, seeing their awesome support from Day1, we thought its worth giving a try.

Key sales challenges before

None of our data was centralised - some in salesforce, some in spreadsheets, some totally lost in the dark.

Managing our geographically distributed sales team to find key decision makers properly and improve the followup contents and pitches was a real pain for the sales leadership.

The tools we were using for cold calling and emailing was not integrated with our CRM. It was hard for us to improve the sales pitches made by our sales reps during outbound calls using the IP Phones as we were not having the track of the same.

Followups were simply not happening as needed. More than 70% of followups were getting missed .

How help you overcome the challenges?

  • Auto generated followup reminders in was a real solution for our team, with its activity based lead filters and smart lists.
  • The SalesX support team enabled all our team mates to use the product better and help us align towards a natural sales flow with better productivity.
  • It was really easy for the team to get migrated from excel sheets and salesforce towards as the product UI/UX was simple with minimal learning curve.
  • There was minimal need of force enforcement from the leadership to get it adopted by our team.

The top two features and how it helped you? 

  1. Telephony - Beautifully integrated into the Sales CRM with virtual numbers available from around 20 countries we needed. We were able to increase the call answering ratio drastically within a week. Also the synchronisation of calls with their mobile app and web app helped our team make and receive calls from anywhere.
  2. Team Huddle -  This simply avoided the need for micromanagement as every single data is tracked automatically and presented to the team in a competitive yet inspiring manner. This is one of the simplest team gamification tool we have came across recently.

What's your ROI so far?

After a month of using these are the stats we got.

  • Call Volume increased by 240%
  • Call Answering ratio was increased by 135%
  • Leads to product demo meeting was increased by 600%.

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